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Aims Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. is a professional insurance broker licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India (IRDAI). Founded in 2003 by a team of insurance industry experts, we are a pioneer service provider in Indian insurance space. Headquartered at Thrissur, Kerala we have full service branches in all major South Indian cities. Since inception, Aims has been providing top of the line Life and General insurance broking services with a consistent record of impeccable service to its clients. Our management team consists of qualified Insurance professionals. Our risk management function employs the best methodologies available to assess client risk profiles before recommending suitable insurance solutions. In India, brokers are the only intermediaries privileged to transact products offered by the many life as well as general insurance companies. A good insurance broker combines technical expertise and service excellence in equal measure. Aims insurance broking represents the customer to different insurers and suggests suitable products and services that are tailor made to answer specific needs while ensuring good prices for the client. Our claims support processes will relieve your worries and ensure fair and prompt settlements. We enable our customers to obtain the most appropriate policies at the most competitive prices.

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Why Insurance Broking???

We represent the client, not the insurer.

We have expertise, knowledge of market and negotiating skills with insurers.

We are more aware of day to day insurance markets.

We are accountable to clients for professional negligence

We are the most stable insurance distribution channel all over India.

Our domain knowledge and expertise is useful to study the survey reports

We assist in speedy and fair settlement of claims

We are able to get a better deal in any tough market

We normally have higher bargaining power – leading to significant cost savings for clients

We can structure specialized insurance programs – customized insurance packages

We help you to get the best terms and service from your insurer

We help you to evaluate the ‘terms’ and ‘service’ you are enjoying today vis-avis the 'best' available in today's competitive market - take advantage of competition.

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